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We advise national and foreign clients in each of the stages of their projects, from negotiation, structuring and creation to their effective day-to-day operation. Whatever your business law need, our Corporate Lawyers are ready.

Our team analyzes and designs an effective fiscal strategy and planning to give a correct treatment to the tax burdens of your business enterprise.

With the aid of technology, devices and remote working, our lawyers will advise to establish security parameters and guarantee the protection of your company.

Our goal is for the client to protect, improve and maximize the value of their Intellectual Property assets, such as trademarks, trade names, copyrights, patents, and others, both locally and internationally.

Entidades No Lucrativas

Diaz-Duran has a department specialized in NGOs and Non-profit entities, promoting social initiative and humanitarian purposes, which have a wide spectrum of help both domestic and internationally.

New and continuing opportunities, personal and employment, make feasible new options of residence and complementary obligations which, leaving them in competent hands as ours, beyond a challenge, it becomes a pleasant transition that allows to embrace the change in a tranquil and controlled manner.

Our team has been acknowledged for its various achievements in dispute resolution, mediation, and litigation both nationally and internationally.

Our team provides consultancy and assistance for our clientele, right from the recruitment of staff to the wording of the employment contracts, policies and regulations. Likewise, it offers audit services to verify compliance with labor and social security obligations.

Comprehensive advice allows the interests of our clients to be protected regardless of the country in which they are located, guaranteeing a correct application of rights and obligations that emerge from treaties and other sources of International Law.

Our practice includes acquisitions and developments, Real Estate Financing, Leases, Asset Management, Construction, Joint-Ventures, Real Estate Investment Companies and International & equity investment. We Counsel on each of the stages, from planning to execution.

We support our clients in recovering uncollectible debts. We have developed and invested in technological platforms that allow us to facilitate the management of portfolio delinquency for our clients, providing support in administrative, pre-legal and judicial collection. The firm has a litigation department, Contact Center (BPO) and domiciliary collection.

We advise national and foreign clients for the prevention, management and solution of disputes in a rapid and effective form. We analyze and create legal-technical strategies for national and foreign negotiations, mediations, conciliations and arbitrations.

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